Sunday, February 28, 2010

One More Month!!

Only 1 more month and I will be on my way to the MTC and then off to Illinois a couple of weeks after that!! I'm so excited and so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve and to teach this gospel to the people in Illinois. It has been a long road to get to this point, but I have learned so much on this long bumpy road. Trials come for a reason, and even though they may be hard, our Heavenly Father is right there by our side, helping us along. We just have to put our trust in him, and everything will work out.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


What a trooper! Go Aunt Jess!

Everytime Jessica went down she had atleast one kid on
her lap, most of the time two. They all loved it!

Cameron was so excited to take Colton by himself

MacKenzie and Colton

Savanna and I, WEEE!!

On Saturday the Golding's went Sledding at Spanish Oaks Golf Course. It was a lot of fun! There was some crazy tricks people tried, but no serious injuries, just bruises and sore body parts. We didn't have a camera to take a picture, but Kyle went down this tall straight down hill with two huge jumps at the bottom. I honestly thought he was going to break something, but he didn't. It was super funny though and he loved it so much he went three times! My cousin I'm with in the picture, screamed almost all the way down. And when we were done and I asked her if she had fun and wanted to go down again, she shook her head "No Way!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Fun

During the Christmas Break Julie and Sofia, the teachers I was with last year at Mountainland Headstart, decided to dress up and make cookies and go and visit our kids from last year and bring some fun Christmas Cheer! We split it up into two days, and the second day Sofia wasn't able to come, so Julie's cousin dressed up as the elf for us. It was super fun! And so fun to see our cute kiddos from last year!


I'm a newy to all this fancy wancy stuff, so we shall see how it goes. It sure looks fun! I enjoy reading my families blogs, so I thought it would be fun and adventureas to make my own. :)